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Execution Only Investments

Our "Execution Only" service is highly competitive, with a service charge of only 0.20% per annum being applied.

Investors have the ability to select investments of their choosing from the 4,000 funds that are currently available within the "Aegon/Co-funds" on-line trading facility. Significant cost reductions are automatically applied, as the investor decides upon the investment funds required, without seeking advice, but naturally expects the cost of advice not to be included within the charges levied. As a result, any new investments will automatically be purchased within lower charging "clean" costing units, which have no initial charge. These discounts apply to any UK authorised ISA, ISA Transfer, OEIC or Unit Trusts available via the "Aegon/Co-funds" trading facility.

We may also be able to assist investors in converting their existing holdings from higher charging "retail" units, into the lower charging "clean" costing units, within the same fund. For further assistance in this regard or for more specialist Isa transfer application forms, please contact us directly.

In addition to our service charge, Aegon/Co-funds apply the following charges on a sliding scale;

1. Investments valued            £1 - £100,000  = 0.29% per annum

2. Investments valued £100,001 - £250,000   = 0.26% per annum

3. Investments valued £250,001 - £500,000   = 0.23% per annum

4. Investments valued £500,000 - £1m          = 0.20% per annum (Special terms are available on request for funds valued over £1m)

No exit or transfer fees apply and investors enjoy unlimited "free" on-line investment switching, enabling funds to be re-positioned without cost, if desired. Any service fees are automatically debited monthly in arrears and paid by selling units from within the largest investment held, unless funds are already available within the cash reserve facility. 

A link to the investment research facilities available via "Financial Express/Trustnet" has also been made available, enabling investors to conduct their own research. To take advantage of this facility and to open an account, visit the Online Trading Facility, which is linked to the Aegon/Co-funds administration facility. Once an investment has been made, investors may also register for the Aegon/Co-funds on-line valuation facility, enabling clients to view updated valuations of their holdings at any time.

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